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Have you ever played with Legos?  The game Minecraft is much like Legos for the computer and it is popular with kids from elementary age all the way through early high school.  Many parents and adults see kids playing it and are left scratching their heads wondering if this is just another mindless video game.  We have created a camp using Minecraft that brings a team of one adult, one kid, and one computer together at the church with other teams to explore a virtual world where they encounter items from the Bible and discuss them together.  These files are our collection of what we used to run the camp and some instructions on how to do it yourself.  We hope these might be helpful for you to replicate your own camp or create a whole new experience with these tools.

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Published: September 27, 2016

Author: Travis Morgan, Brian Slezak, Joel Coash-Johnson

Source: Church of the Resurrection

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