Our Passion

Since its beginning, Resurrection has held as one of its core values to be used by God to strengthen churches.  We believe that churches are strengthened when they learn from each other and to that end we have always shared whatever it is we do and whatever has worked in our setting with others.  This passion still drives us today. 

Our Mission

Providing quality, practical tools and training to clergy, church staff, and volunteers who share a passion for strengthening churches. ShareChurch is full of ideas and resources to save you time and energy, so you can focus on what really matters.

Meet our ShareChurch Team

Yvonne Gentile

Guest Experience & Event Management Lead Director

Megan Cullum

ShareChurch Marketing & Communications Specialist

Kathy Carter

ShareChurch Event Logistics & Hospitality Specialist

Jonathan Bell

ShareChurch Leadership Resources Specialist

Kari Niehaus

ShareChurch Event Coordinator

In 1990 Resurrection was a small, upstart church with a big dream of becoming a church that welcomes thinking people who were not actively involved in a church. We have been on an amazing journey with thousands of people finding greater hope, purpose and meaning in their lives here. And, they’ve found that a church like this can quickly become a great place for personal connections and relationships that will last a lifetime. Visit us at resurrection.church.