Middle School/High School Curriculum: Selfie Series

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Do you need a last minute lesson for your students at youth group or small group time?  This 2-week video and curriculum guide will lead your students through a fun, interactive and engaging small group time.  All you need is any number of students, a screen to show the video and about 30 minutes.

A selfie is a picture that you take of yourself (with your camera held at arm’s length) with a camera or smartphone and every student is likely very familiar with them, whether they take them or their friends do, they are extremely prevalent in youth culture today, and only growing in popularity. By some estimates there were close to a trillion pictures taken in the year 2013 and up to 1/3 of those may have been selfies. With this idea in mind, why is it selfies are so popular? What do selfies say about us, those we surround ourselves with, and our relationship with God?

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Published: September 14, 2016

Author: Dave Magee, Sam Johnson

Source: Church of the Resurrection

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