A baby is born in a stable in the backwater town of Bethlehem. His parents gave him the name Jesus. But the prophets, the shepherds, the wise men and angels addressed him by other names - titles really. He was the Messiah, the Lord, the Savior, Emmanuel, the Word made Flesh and the Light of the World. 

In this sermon series, which includes the 4 weeks of Advent, Candlelight Christmas Eve and the week after Christmas, Rev. Adam Hamilton will explore the meaning of these titles and what they tell us about the child whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

The Royal Titles: MESSIAH and LORD
The Deliverer: SAVIOR
The Incarnation: EMMANUEL
The Messenger: WORD

You will find here all the series resources which were produced, along with the weekly sermons.

AUTHOR Adam Hamilton
SOURCE Church of the Resurrection
PUBLISH DATE 11/02/2019
CATEGORIES Sermon Series

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