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ONE - Unity in a Divided World - Group Study


These videos (aprrox. 10 min. each) and study guides are based on the book ONE - Unity in a Divided World by Deidra Riggs. These resources were created by Southwood Lutheran Church for a sermon series and churchwide Small Group study. It was so well received, we want to share the resources with others! Deidra helps us think differently about unity, first examining our own hearts and how we are ONE with God, then examining how we interact with others as ONE Body in Christ. She tackles topics such as racial division in the Church, political convictions that ruin relationships and life experiences that shape us. How do we celebrate our differences rather than allowing them to divide us? This study is an eye-opening first step. Appropriate for youth as well as adults, feel free to add your own logo to front and back cover of the study guide.

AUTHOR Deidra Riggs
SOURCE Southwood Lutheran Church
PUBLISH DATE 8/26/2019
CATEGORIES Curriculum, Curriculum

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