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The Climb Discipleship Pathway


Not everyone’s route toward growth will look the same. Your path will look different from others because your life experiences have brought you to your unique position. That doesn’t mean we can’t climb together, and it doesn’t mean we won’t have check points and opportunities for growth along the way. That’s what the Discipleship Pathway provides - basic check points that aid you in charting your own growth. Our prayer is that you utilize the Discipleship Pathway as a tool in your faith climb, and that you will encounter God in new and exciting ways as you reach new heights of love for God and others.

This is the Discipleship Pathway for Tonganoxie United Methodist Church in Tonganoxie, KS.

AUTHOR Melissa Collier Gepford
SOURCE Tonganoxie United Methodist Church
PUBLISH DATE 08/27/2019
CATEGORIES Curriculum, Creative

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