• ONE - Unity in a Divided World - Group Study
    ONE - Unity in a Divided World - Group Study

    These videos (aprrox. 10 min. each) and study guides are based on the book ONE - Unity in a Divided World by Deidra Riggs. These resources were created by Southwood Lutheran Church for a sermon series and churchwide Small Group study. It was so well received, we want to share the resources with others! Deidra helps us think differently about unity, first examining our own hearts and how we are ONE with God, then examining how we interact with others as ONE Body in Christ. She tackles topics such as racial division in the Church, political convictions that ruin relationships and life experiences that shape us. How do we celebrate our differences rather than allowing them to divide us? This study is an eye-opening first step. Appropriate for youth as well as adults, feel free to add your own logo to front and back cover of the study guide.

  • Outreach
    Interviews with staff at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection focused on reaching new people.
  • Outreach & Marketing
    Outreach & Marketing

    This PowerPoint presentation was used for a session on Outreach & Marketing at the Radical Hospitality Conference conducted at Church of the Resurrection April 4-5, 2019.

  • Partner School - Beds Ministry
    Partner School - Beds Ministry

    Working in partnership with Church of the Resurrection, the Beds Program provides new beds, linens, and pajamas to students who do not have a bed of their own. The hope is that a bed will improve the quality of the child’s sleep impacting him/her intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this Resource, you will find several forms used to promote and execute the program.

  • Partner Schools - Weekend Feeding Program
    Partner Schools - Weekend Feeding Program

    This Resource contains several documents supporting the weekend feeding program through the Partner Schools of The Church of the Resurrection.  The weekend feeding program, or Backpack Ministry, provides supplemental non-perishable food to children in need to make it through the weekend. In this Resource you will find examples of:

    • Backpack Permission Letter (English and Spanish version): Parents who choose for their children to participate in the program register their children, indicating their teacher and grade, sign, date and return the form. Goal is to encourage buy-in by parents and not assume that every family needs supplemental food to make it through the weekend.
    • Welcome to Backpack Program Letter:  Explanation of food provided and contact info for feedback
    • Teacher Information: Information about how students are enrolled in the program, logistics of delivery of food and pick up tubs used to transport bags, request for feedback and changes made based on feedback received in a previous year.
    • Volunteer Position Descriptions: Details about duties and time committment for various leadership roles and the church's expactations for lay leaders. Due to the complexity of the ministry and number of leadership roles these descriptions were developed to proivde clarity around responsibilities.
    • Backpacks for Hunger Angel Form: Form available on website and at the church which allows people to sponsor a backpack for a child through one time or ongoing contributions.
  • Performance Management Tools
    Performance Management Tools

    These materials are used at Church of the Resurrection by Human Resources staff, Staff-Parish Relations Committee members, or ministry supervisors/managers to assist in evaluating staff performance, as well as in addressing performance concerns.

  • Planned Giving Tools & Resources
    Planned Giving Tools & Resources

    Planning tools, guides, samples and general information for legacy giving from the Church of the Resurrection Foundation.

  • Praying Out Loud Curriculum
    Praying Out Loud Curriculum

    Church of the Resurrection has compiled some favorite tips on prayer over the years into a concise curriculum. This has been turned into a class, often advertised as Praying Out Loud. The curriculum can be taught quickly (in an hour) or stretched out over a longer study course. It has been used with small groups and is designed to introduce people to the importance of prayer, making prayer a part of everyday life and gaining the courage to pray out loud.

  • Principles of Radical Hospitality
    Principles of Radical Hospitality

    This PowerPoint presentation and the accompanying videos were used for a session on the Principles of Radical Hospitality at the Radical Hospitality Conference conducted at Church of the Resurrection April 4-5, 2019.

  • Qumran

    [This resource contains footage gathered during Church of the Resurrection tours of the Holy Land and used as sermon support and illustrations. These are made available for others to use for sermons, studies or other illustrative purposes. Please note that the soundtrack has not been removed from these clips, so you’ll want to mute the background noise and other sounds that are present.]

    Located in the West Bank, between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, about 10 miles south of Jericho, Qumran is best known as the place where the Dead Sea Scrolls were dicovered.

  • Radical Hospitality
    Radical Hospitality
    Interviews with staff at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection focused on providing radical welcome.
  • Radical Hospitality
    Radical Hospitality

    Many of us who do not have the Spiritual Gift of Hospitality might tend to only think about it as an attempt to change our behavior toward others. But God does not desire to simply change our behavior. Instead, God desires to change our character through the practice of spiritual disciplines and an obedient desire to know the heart of God. Here you will find tools to plan a 4-week series on “Radical Hospitality," including weekly themes, key scriptures, sermon building points and weekly sample worship order.

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