• More Than Enough: Financial Wisdom, Courage, Peace
    More Than Enough: Financial Wisdom, Courage, Peace

    One issue is consistently on everyone’s minds: the economy. Fears over conflict and uncertainty in other countries, unemployment and trade wars in America, stock market jitters that cause huge gyrations in the markets, a relapse of rising mortgage debt and ominous signs of possible recession... they all leave pundits and politicians grasping for answers.

    This sermon series from Church of the Resurrection explores how to find the wisdom and courage to manage financial resources and experience serenity, contentment and hope. With these resources, you can help your congregation examine what it means to live wisely and what courageous changes may be needed to live as God would have us live. In the end, we often find God has already given us more than enough.

    You will find here all the series resources that were produced, along with the weekly sermons.

  • Nazareth

    [This resource contains footage gathered during Church of the Resurrection tours of the Holy Land and used as sermon support and illustrations. These are made available for others to use for sermons, studies or other illustrative purposes. Please note that the soundtrack has not been removed from these clips, so you’ll want to mute the background noise and other sounds that are present.]

    Nazareth was a small village in the time of Jesus, living in the shadow of the city of Sepphoris. However, being the place where Jesus grew up has made Nazareth a thriving town while Sepphoris is an archeological ruin.

    The Church of the Annunciation, also known as the Basilica of the Annunciation, stands over the cave which tradition holds to be the home of the Virgin Mary and where the archangel Gabriel told the young Mary that she would become the mother of the Son of God. When construction was completed in 1969, this became the largest Christian church in the Middle East.

    Sepphoris was the affluent community known in the first century as "the Jewell of the Galilee." According to tradition, it is where Jesus' maternal grandparents, Anne and Joachim, lived and where his mother, Mary, was born. Joseph and Mary may also have worked in Sepphoris as Jesus was growing up.


  • Neighboring Worksheet
    Neighboring Worksheet

    Worksheet used for the sermon series, "Next Door: The Art of Neighboring." It is designed to help people get to know their 8 closest neighbors.

  • New Ministry Discernment Tool
    New Ministry Discernment Tool

    Evaluating and choosing between new ideas for ministry is an important responsibility and a challenge faced by every church. This resource is used by the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in vetting all new ministry ideas and proposals. It has been cited as a key element in the church's clarity of purpose and vision alignment.

  • New Places for New People
    New Places for New People

    Effectively creating new places for new people is at the heart of our mission as a church. It comes directly from the commission Jesus gave his disciples “go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:19-20, The Message) What are the new places we can create inside and outside the church to develop relationships with new people? How does scripture guide us in that process? How is God seeking to do a new thing in our midst? The Good News of Jesus Christ is meant to be shared. Our focus in this series is to seek how God is leading us as disciples to be that connectional component - New Places for New People.

    Here you will find tools to plan a 7-week sermon series on “New Places for New People” including weekly themes, key scriptures, sermon building points and weekly sample worship order.

  • Not A Silent Night
    Not A Silent Night

    No, it was not a silent night. From his birth to his death, Jesus Christ experienced real pain and conflict in his life. One woman stood at the center of it all. She shaped his childhood, and she wept at his tomb. This simple servant of the Lord watched in awe as God’s salvation for the world was revealed through her beloved son.

    In this four-week series of messages, Rev. Adam Hamilton helps us know and understand Mary, the mother of Jesus – a woman from humble means who found favor with God. What was she like as a person? Why was she given her remarkable task? What does the Bible teach us about her, and what meaning does her life have for ours?

    Join us as we light the Advent candles, sing favorite carols, prepare our hearts for Christmas, and study the real life of Mary. It was a life that was neither comfortable nor easy, but it changed the world forever. You will find here all the series resources that were produced, along with the weekly sermons.

  • Nuts and Bolts of Children's Ministry
    Nuts and Bolts of Children's Ministry

    This Resource contains various procedure and documents that Church of the Resurrection uses on a regular basis in Children’s Ministry.

  • ONE - Unity in a Divided World - Group Study
    ONE - Unity in a Divided World - Group Study

    These videos (aprrox. 10 min. each) and study guides are based on the book ONE - Unity in a Divided World by Deidra Riggs. These resources were created by Southwood Lutheran Church for a sermon series and churchwide Small Group study. It was so well received, we want to share the resources with others! Deidra helps us think differently about unity, first examining our own hearts and how we are ONE with God, then examining how we interact with others as ONE Body in Christ. She tackles topics such as racial division in the Church, political convictions that ruin relationships and life experiences that shape us. How do we celebrate our differences rather than allowing them to divide us? This study is an eye-opening first step. Appropriate for youth as well as adults, feel free to add your own logo to front and back cover of the study guide.

  • Outreach
    Interviews with staff at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection focused on reaching new people.
  • Outreach & Marketing
    Outreach & Marketing

    This PowerPoint presentation was used for a session on Outreach & Marketing at the Radical Hospitality Conference conducted at Church of the Resurrection April 4-5, 2019.

  • Partner School - Beds Ministry
    Partner School - Beds Ministry

    Working in partnership with Church of the Resurrection, the Beds Program provides new beds, linens, and pajamas to students who do not have a bed of their own. The hope is that a bed will improve the quality of the child’s sleep impacting him/her intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this Resource, you will find several forms used to promote and execute the program.

  • Partner Schools - Weekend Feeding Program
    Partner Schools - Weekend Feeding Program

    This Resource contains several documents supporting the weekend feeding program through the Partner Schools of The Church of the Resurrection.  The weekend feeding program, or Backpack Ministry, provides supplemental non-perishable food to children in need to make it through the weekend. In this Resource you will find examples of:

    • Backpack Permission Letter (English and Spanish version): Parents who choose for their children to participate in the program register their children, indicating their teacher and grade, sign, date and return the form. Goal is to encourage buy-in by parents and not assume that every family needs supplemental food to make it through the weekend.
    • Welcome to Backpack Program Letter:  Explanation of food provided and contact info for feedback
    • Teacher Information: Information about how students are enrolled in the program, logistics of delivery of food and pick up tubs used to transport bags, request for feedback and changes made based on feedback received in a previous year.
    • Volunteer Position Descriptions: Details about duties and time committment for various leadership roles and the church's expactations for lay leaders. Due to the complexity of the ministry and number of leadership roles these descriptions were developed to proivde clarity around responsibilities.
    • Backpacks for Hunger Angel Form: Form available on website and at the church which allows people to sponsor a backpack for a child through one time or ongoing contributions.
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