• Incarnation

    A baby is born in a stable in the backwater town of Bethlehem. His parents gave him the name Jesus. But the prophets, the shepherds, the wise men and angels addressed him by other names - titles really. He was the Messiah, the Lord, the Savior, Emmanuel, the Word made Flesh and the Light of the World. 

    In this sermon series, which includes the 4 weeks of Advent, Candlelight Christmas Eve and the week after Christmas, Rev. Adam Hamilton will explore the meaning of these titles and what they tell us about the child whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

    The Royal Titles: MESSIAH and LORD
    The Deliverer: SAVIOR
    The Incarnation: EMMANUEL
    The Messenger: WORD
    The Revealer: LIGHT OF THE WORLD

    You will find here all the series resources which were produced, along with the weekly sermons.

  • Leadership Institute 2019 Resources
    Leadership Institute 2019 Resources

    Below are resources featured during Leadership Institute 2019 at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.  Complete recordings of each of the general sessions are now available (see below)

  • Suicide Prevention Resources for Worship
    Suicide Prevention Resources for Worship

    National Suicide Prevention Week is a week when Americans across the country talk about suicide. These resources are an invitation for you to be a part of the solution – to be aware, to speak up, to care and to bring light and hope to those walking in darkness.

    Here you will find hope-filled sermons that look to those in scripture who struggled with suicidal thoughts, share personal stories from people who have lost loved ones to suicide and learn from professionals offering guidance on how to identify and help those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Other worship supports include bulletins and graphics, as well as handouts to share. You will also find a discussion guide designed to give individuals and those around them the tools to make sure they’re planning, collaborating, and expending energy in a way that draws them closer together. The guide is intended not only to help families be better equipped to identify and share their emotional experiences with each other, but also to help people be more comfortable reaching out for help and more comfortable extending a hand to help others.

    With the help of these resources, you can remind everyone in your reach – including yourself – that:

    •You are loved by, and matter to, God.

    •No pain lasts forever.

    •There is always hope.

    •Others can help – just ask.

  • Vacation Bible Camp Toolbox - You've Got a Friend in Me
    Vacation Bible Camp Toolbox - You've Got a Friend in Me

    Vacation Bible Camp is an excellent opportunity for outreach, not only to your church family with children but also to the greater community. Learn how Church of the Resurrection plans and organizes Vacation Bible Camp around a common theme and executes for all age levels.

    In this Resource, you will find: detailed lesson plans for Early Childhood through 5th grade, large group time drama, graphics and videos, volunteer training materials, missions details and more. Everything you need to provide an amazing experience for your kiddos is included, from detailed craft plans and snack ideas to small group discussion prompts and how to pull off a successful shaving cream party.  Feel free to use bits and pieces or the entire thing!

    The theme, You've Got a Friend in Me, is based on the Toy Story series of movies. Each day focuses on a different aspect of being a good friend. Jesus is a friend to all of us and his life is the best example we can follow to learn how to be a good friend to others.

    Note: Layered graphics files will be available for download soon. Check back or contact us at info@sharechurch.com.