• Community Grant Process
    Community Grant Process

    Many churches are involved in awarding mission-related grants to other ministries, organizations and agencies. Each year, the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection gives a Community Transformation Award, funded with the first $100,000 collected in the church’s Easter offerings. This resource includes an overview of the process they use, along with the application and the internal documents used to review applications.

  • Holiday Mission Tools
    Holiday Mission Tools

    JOY (Joyfully Offering Yourself) in Serving is the holiday mission program of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Throughout November and December, their congregation is invited to serve/donate and learn more about local area organizations and the work being done in their Kansas City community to alleviate poverty. The sample resources included here are distributed before and after worship services to guide donors and volunteers in their chosen opportunity.

  • Hunger Ministry Essentials
    Hunger Ministry Essentials

    The goal of the Hunger Ministry at The Church of the Resurrection is to address the needs of those who are food insecure in Kansas City, with a focused effort directed at the neighborhoods surrounding Resurrection's Partner Schools. In this Resource, you will find documents pertaining to the execution of the ministry including:

    • Position descriptions for key ministry volunteers
    • Examples of promotional information given to congregants to engage in food drive events
    • Sample newsletter sent to ministry volunteer participants
    • Food sorting guidelines
    • Questionairre for potential food pantry recipients
  • Mission Partnership Tools
    Mission Partnership Tools

    Partnering in ministry with another church or organization, especially cross-culturally, is challenging. These tools are used by Church of the Resurrection to manage mission partnerships in ways that are mutually edifying, making both partners equal, and allowing both parties to bring their talents and resources to the table.

  • Partner School - Beds Ministry
    Partner School - Beds Ministry

    Working in partnership with Church of the Resurrection, the Beds Program provides new beds, linens, and pajamas to students who do not have a bed of their own. The hope is that a bed will improve the quality of the child’s sleep impacting him/her intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this Resource, you will find several forms used to promote and execute the program.

  • Partner Schools - Weekend Feeding Program
    Partner Schools - Weekend Feeding Program

    This Resource contains several documents supporting the weekend feeding program through the Partner Schools of The Church of the Resurrection.  The weekend feeding program, or Backpack Ministry, provides supplemental non-perishable food to children in need to make it through the weekend. In this Resource you will find examples of:

    • Backpack Permission Letter (English and Spanish version): Parents who choose for their children to participate in the program register their children, indicating their teacher and grade, sign, date and return the form. Goal is to encourage buy-in by parents and not assume that every family needs supplemental food to make it through the weekend.
    • Welcome to Backpack Program Letter:  Explanation of food provided and contact info for feedback
    • Teacher Information: Information about how students are enrolled in the program, logistics of delivery of food and pick up tubs used to transport bags, request for feedback and changes made based on feedback received in a previous year.
    • Volunteer Position Descriptions: Details about duties and time committment for various leadership roles and the church's expactations for lay leaders. Due to the complexity of the ministry and number of leadership roles these descriptions were developed to proivde clarity around responsibilities.
    • Backpacks for Hunger Angel Form: Form available on website and at the church which allows people to sponsor a backpack for a child through one time or ongoing contributions.
  • Serve Trip Application Forms
    Serve Trip Application Forms

    In this resource you will find application forms used by Church of the Resurrection for Domestic and International Serve Trips and Scholarship Applications used for these trips.

  • Serve Trip Logistics Forms
    Serve Trip Logistics Forms

    In this Resource you will find various forms and processes pertaining to the logistics of coordinating a Serve Trip used by Church of the Resurrection.

  • Serve Trip Release Forms
    Serve Trip Release Forms

    Release forms for domestic and international serve trips, including liability release, medical release and notification of death.