• "On the Go" Vacation Bible Camp: Live Like a Champ

    This resource contains everything you need to run your own online and "on-the-go" Vacation Bible Camp. Included are graphics, playbook content, activity directions and supply lists, video lessons, activity videos, and music videos .

    Resurrection's Online and "On-the-Go" VBC will be held on July 20-24, 2020.  You are welcome to participate in real-time the week of July 20, or you may use these resources at any time of your choosing following that.  A complete list of resources is now below.

    7-2-20 - logo graphics, postcard example, t-shirt graphics, and coach playbooks added.

    7-7-20 - activity sheets added

    7-10-20 - added three additional activity sheets for pre-K students, and week-long supply lists for Early Childhood and Elementary campers

    7-13-20 - added Camper Note and audio version of camp songs

    7-16-20 - All activity, music, and lesson videos added along with yard sign graphics, camper notecard example, and a bible story sheet for pre-K.


  • Camp Minecraft
    Camp Minecraft
    Have you ever played with Legos?  The game Minecraft is much like Legos for the computer and it is popular with kids from elementary age all the way through early high school.  Many parents and adults see kids playing it and are left scratching their heads wondering if this is just another mindless video game.  We have created a camp using Minecraft that brings a team of one adult, one kid, and one computer together at the church with other teams to explore a virtual world where they encounter items from the Bible and discuss them together.  These files are our collection of what we used to run the camp and some instructions on how to do it yourself.  We hope these might be helpful for you to replicate your own camp or create a whole new experience with these tools.
  • Early Childhood Curriculum Series on The Life of Moses
    Early Childhood Curriculum Series on The Life of Moses

    A 4 week early childhood curriculum series on the life of Moses. Each week includes lesson plans for 2 year olds, Pre-K and a Family Activity card. 

  • Early Childhood Small Group Overview
    Early Childhood Small Group Overview

    This is a sample schedule for an early childhood classroom at Church of the Resurrection. It illustrates the timing, flow and sequence of activities such as Welcome Time, Friendship Circle, Worship Time and Small Group Exploration.

  • Elementary Bible Exploration Event
    Elementary Bible Exploration Event

    So you gave them a Bible, now what? How about an event just for them to explore their new Bibles! Church of the Resurrection created an event to give 3rd graders, who had just received their 3rd grade Bibles, a tour of the Bible and some great background so they will understand and want to learn more.

    This Bible Exploration event is an interactive 3 hours of fun and learning about the Bible. It includes large group time, station activities, and lots of other fun! Resurrection hosts this event with 3rd graders on a Friday night in January.

  • Elementary Curriculum Series on the Life of Moses
    Elementary Curriculum Series on the Life of Moses

    A 6 week elementary series on the life of Moses. Each week includes small and large group elements along with graphics and videos.  This is a great curriculum series that follows a large group/small group format that can be used on weekends, Wednesday night, or any time you have elementary kiddos together.

  • Family Ministry Resources
    Family Ministry Resources

    This Resource contains some helpful documents used at Church of the Resurrection for the care of families and programming for families.

  • Favorite Early Childhood Worship Songs
    Favorite Early Childhood Worship Songs

    A list of favorite worship songs used at Church of the Resurrection during early childhood worship time.

  • Hope: Living With Confident Expectation
    Hope: Living With Confident Expectation

    The message of Easter is hope, but where do we find hope when our world is turned upside down? What do we hold on to when we’re worried about our health, our families, our jobs? What can we count on in the face of uncertainty, isolation, fear and even death? Join Church of the Resurrection as we look for HOPE in challenging times in this 5-week sermon series.

    This resource contains the weekly sermons as well as supporting video teaching and discussion guides written for adults, students, and children for group or individual study.

  • Revival - 3 Week Elementary Series on John Wesley
    Revival - 3 Week Elementary Series on John Wesley

    A 3-week elementary curriculum explaining and celebrating the origins of Methodism, including small group and large group components.

  • Small Group Discussion Guide
    Small Group Discussion Guide

    Small groups don't have to purchase fancy and expensive curriculum with videos to engage in meaningful discussion and spiritual formation. This guide outlines a step-by-step small group (or even indivudal devotion) time, including ice breaker questions, scripture engagement and reflection, and prayer. Small Group Leader simply chooses a passage (maybe your favorite, or something that's challenging you lately) and follows the guide! This can be adapted for children, youth, and adults.

  • Superhero Family Serve Day
    Superhero Family Serve Day

    Family Serve Days are intergenerational discipleship opportunities for churches. Gather families - people of all ages - into one room, to learn the same thing and participate in the same activities. In this resource, you'll find everything you need to host your very own Superhero Family Serve Day, where you and your crew will train to defeat the Hunger Villain! Enjoy!

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