• "On the Go" Vacation Bible Camp: Live Like a Champ

    This resource contains everything you need to run your own online and "on-the-go" Vacation Bible Camp. Included are graphics, playbook content, activity directions and supply lists, video lessons, activity videos, and music videos .

    Resurrection's Online and "On-the-Go" VBC will be held on July 20-24, 2020.  You are welcome to participate in real-time the week of July 20, or you may use these resources at any time of your choosing following that.  A complete list of resources is now below.

    7-2-20 - logo graphics, postcard example, t-shirt graphics, and coach playbooks added.

    7-7-20 - activity sheets added

    7-10-20 - added three additional activity sheets for pre-K students, and week-long supply lists for Early Childhood and Elementary campers

    7-13-20 - added Camper Note and audio version of camp songs

    7-16-20 - All activity, music, and lesson videos added along with yard sign graphics, camper notecard example, and a bible story sheet for pre-K.


  • 2019 Hospitality Conference Participant Handbook
    2019 Hospitality Conference Participant Handbook

    This is the 85-page handbook provided to attendees at the Radical Hospitality Conference conducted at Church of the Resurrection April 4-5, 2019. Only copyrighted illustrations have been removed.

  • 24 Hours That Changed The World
    24 Hours That Changed The World

    No single event in human history has received more attention than the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Rev. Adam Hamilton  shares a series of messages that guide us through the last 24 hours of Jesus’ life. Each service is designed to help you experience and understand the significance of Jesus’ suffering and death in a way you have never done before. Look at the geographical and historical setting of the events on that fateful day and even see video footage of locations in Israel where these events unfolded. Whether you are a long-time Christian or simply curious about the story of Christ’s crucifixion, you'll find this 7-week Lenten sermon series powerful as we retrace – 24 Hours That Changed the World.  You will find here all the series resources that were produced, along with the weekly sermons.

  • A Christmas Carol - The Songs of Advent
    A Christmas Carol - The Songs of Advent

    This three or four week study looks at Advent and Christmas carols we know and love. Originally developed for use in women's ministry but applicable to a variety of settings. Here you will find a leader's guide, along with activity handouts and slide presentations with YouTube video links included.

  • A Church Divided: Sermon from General Conference
    A Church Divided: Sermon from General Conference

    In this sermon, Rev. Adam Hamilton considers the first major division in Christianity, recorded in Acts 15, over whether Gentile believers needed to be circumcised and obey the Law of Moses. He also shares about The United Methodist Church’s divide and our bishops’ proposal for the church going forward regarding same-sex marriage -- which, like the apostles’ solution in Acts 15, is a compromise that makes room for conservatives and progressives in the church. Adam also shares personal reflections on the proposal, both in light of scripture and the prevalence of conflict and division in the early church -- noting that nearly every book of the New Testament addresses conflict, and they all offer the same answer.

  • Advent in Boxes
    Advent in Boxes

    This resource contains images of a non-traditional Christmas tree worship space design created by Church of the Resurrection West using crates and bare bulbs. They bought used crates online, hung clear bulbs from each and coupled it all with bare lighted trees.

  • Annual Planning Meeting Agenda
    Annual Planning Meeting Agenda

    This is the agenda for Church of the Resurrection's West Campus annual one-day planning meeting. This basic agenda has been used for more than 5 years. As the number of staff has grown, they have divided the day, with ministry department leaders coming for the morning, joined by the rest of the staff at lunch for the remainder of the day.

  • Art of Hospitality
    Art of Hospitality
    All resources related to The Art of Hospitality
  • Art of Hospitality Webinar
    Art of Hospitality Webinar
    Recording of a webinar held 6/24/2020 for registrants of The Art of Hospitality Conference, cancelled due to COVID-19. Yvonne Gentile, Debi Nixon and Randy Greene share insights and learnings about the importance of remaining outwardly focused, even when the church doors are closed. They also discuss considerations for re-opening.
  • Baptism Resources
    Baptism Resources

    Here you'll find a booklet that guides and helps a family celebrate the faith passages in the their child's life - from Baptism through Confirmation - along with other information and requirements used for Baptism at Church of the Resurrection.

  • Bethlehem

    [This resource contains footage gathered during Church of the Resurrection tours of the Holy Land and used as sermon support and illustrations. These are made available for others to use for sermons, studies or other illustrative purposes. Please note that the soundtrack has not been removed from these clips, so you’ll want to mute the background noise and other sounds that are present.]

    Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is located six miles south of the Old City of Jerusalem, within the West Bank. King David was born and raised in Bethlehem. According to the Torah, Rachel, the favorite wife of Jacob, was buried on the outskirts.

    This resource includes footage from the Church of the Nativity. Attested to as the site of Jesus' birth from the early second century, it was originally constructed in 327 and rebuilt after a fire in 565. It is considered the oldest continuously used church building in the world.

    The Shepherd's Field is one of two rival locations for the exact site where the angel appeared to the shepherds on the night of Jesus' birth. One site is run by the Greek Orthodox, the other by Franciscans.

    Finally, Herod the Great built a fortress and palace - called the Herodion - between 23 and 15 BCE on a high hill south of Jerusalem and east of Bethlehem. It is the only structure Herod built to which he gave his own name, and his tomb was discovered there in 2007.

  • Beyond the Broken Heart Curriculum
    Beyond the Broken Heart Curriculum
    This Resource contains an 8-week curriculum for grief support based on the book, Beyond the Broken Heart by Julie Yarbrough. Each session contains prayer, scripture, lesson and small group discussion questions.
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